Les rangs 8 déployés sur les serveurs occidentaux de Tree of Savior

La version occidentale de Tree of Savior accueillait récemment une nouvelle mise à jour majeure débloquant notamment les classes de haut niveau de rang 8, en plus d'ouvrir de nouvelles zones avec leur lot de contenu inédit.

Donjon ToS

Très attendues par les joueurs déjà niveau 280/15, les classes de Rangs 8 font enfin leur entrée sur les serveurs nord-américains et européens de Tree of Savior (mais aussi des classes de Rangs 6 Cercle 3 et de Rang 7 Cercle 2, on en trouve le détail sur le site officiel, pour les archétypes d'Archer, de Cleric, de Swordsman, et de Wizard. Avec elles, s'ajoutent de nouvelles cartes à explorer, des donjons inédits ou encore une augmentation du niveau maximum à 330, celui des équipe passe au niveau 100, 32 nouvelles quêtes sont ajoutées avec leurs objets, ainsi que trois bosses inédits.

Ce n'est pas tout puisque cette mise à jour s'accompagne de diverses modifications et correctifs, certaines très récentes, tout droit venues de Corée. Pour les personnages de moins haut niveau, on retrouve aussi au programme des ajustements sur l'expérience gagnée (pour mieux évaluer les différences de niveau entre le personnage et les monstres traqués, des cartes rééquilibrées pour distribuer davantage d'expérience), beaucoup d'objets qui n'étaient pas échangeables le sont désormais (on rappelle au passage que cela fait quelques temps qu'il est possible de faire des échanges sans Token). Le contenu de la mise à jour est détaillé dans une très longue note de patch.


Rang 8
  • New: Rank 8
    - New Rank 8, Rank 6 Circle 3 and Rank 7 Circle 2 classes added.
    - Read more about the new classes at our Dev Blog:
    - Maximum level of both characters and companions raised to Lv. 330.
    - Maximum team level increased to Lv. 100.
    - Added 32 new quests, as well as new items.
    - Added 3 new field boss monsters.
  • Certain TP costumes, monster cards, gems, equipment items and recipes will now be tradable
    You will be able to trade these items both via personal trading and through the market. However, the following items will remain untradable:
    - Transcendence-related items and transcended equipment (untradable)
    - Regular/premium hair and colored lenses (untradable)
    - Equipment and costumes with 0 potential left (untradable)
    - Traded Enchant Scrolls (untradable)
    Note: Premium Circle 3 costumes can be traded, but they can still only be equipped by characters of the corresponding Circle 3 class.
  • Trading equipment items and costumes with potential left will no longer reduce their level of potential
    - Trading these items through the Market will not make them untradable.
    - However, when one or both players trading are not using a Token, or have used up all of their trade count, the item traded will become untradable.
    - IMPORTANT: Items with 0 potential left will remain untradable.


  • New Event: Additional Map Exploration Rewards
    - Achieving 100% exploration on newly-added areas will grant your characters one extra EXP card reward per map at Wings of Vaivora NPCs.
    - This event ends with the scheduled maintenance on October 25th, 2016.
  • Additional Event Rewards: 'Taoist's Secret Recipe'
    - In the newly-added areas, the chance of obtaining Dumpling ingredients will be doubled. Their drop rate has also been increased in existing maps.
    - Five Jumbo Dumpling recipes can now be exchanged for one Instanced Dungeon Reset Voucher (14 Days) at the Event Notice Board.
    - Remember that this event is running until the scheduled maintenance on October 25th, 2016. After this date, you will not be able to obtain items related to this event (dumplings, recipes, ingredients), but you will still be able to craft and use the ones you already have.
    - All items related to this event (dumplings, recipes, ingredients) will be deleted on November 1st, 2016. Note that Honey Dumplings, obtainable exclusively by purchasing the EXP Boost Pack, are not related to this event and therefore will not be removed.
    - See the announcement here.
  • 'Crystal Root Lottree' Event Closing
    - The 'Crystal Root Lottree' event comes to an end with this maintenance. A big thank you to everyone who participated.


  • Premium Hair: 198 TP
    - Twoblock (Male)
    - Ribbon-ornamented Double Buns (Female)
  • Hair Dye: 49 TP
    - Violet Dye
  • Lenses: 49 TP
    - Orange Contact Lenses


  • New Item: Instance Clear Voucher
    - The Instance Clear Voucher is an item that allows you to clear instanced dungeons faster and more effectively.
    - You have a chance to obtain this item from monsters in all regions, as well as from some cubes.
    - The vouchers come in one- and two-star versions, which you can use in instanced dungeons of the same level (★).
    - You can purchase the Recipe - Instance Clear Voucher [★★] from item merchant NPCs.
    One-star Dungeons (★): Underground Chapel Dungeon, Historic Site Ruins)
    Two-star Dungeons (★★): Demon Prison Guild, Fallen Legwyn Family Dungeon, Hollow Thorn Forest, Collapsed Residential Quarters (Renewal), Thorny Vines Forest Dungeon, Archmage Tower Dungeon
  • New Drop Items
    - Mandrapick
    - Raflower Root
    - Red Kepa Crystal
    - Recipe - Holy Smasher
  • 31 New Equipment Items
    - Abdochar
    - Aspana Revolver
    - Astra Bow
    - Aufgowle Bow
    - Blood Stealer
    - Dhrag Bracelet
    - Dhrag Necklace
    - Double Stack
    - Dragoon Piper
    - Emengard Cannon
    - Emengard Dagger
    - Emengard Musket
    - Emengard Shield
    - Gale Slasher
    - Heart of Glory
    - Lion Head Cannon
    - Lion Head Dagger
    - Lion Head Shield
    - Pierene Sword
    - Pygry Spear
    - Regard Horn Crossbow
    - Regard Horn Pike
    - Regard Horn Staff
    - Sacmet
    - Sarkmis
    - Silver Hawk
    - Skull Smasher
    - Vienarazis Mace
    - Vienarazis Staff
    - Windia Rod
    - Wingshard Spear
  • 14 New Recipes
    - Recipe - Aufgowle Bow
    - Recipe - Double Stack
    - Recipe - Dragoon Piper
    - Recipe - Gale Slasher
    - Recipe - Lion Head Cannon
    - Recipe - Lion Head Dagger
    - Recipe - Lion Head Shield
    - Recipe - Pierene Sword
    - Recipe - Pygry Spear
    - Recipe - Sacmet
    - Recipe - Silver Hawk
    - Recipe - Vienarazis Mace
    - Recipe - Vienarazis Staff
    - Recipe - Windia Rod
  • New Collections Added to 15 Maps
    - Arcus Forest
    - City Wall District 8
    - Jeromel Park
    - Jonael Memorial District
    - Kule Peak
    - Lhadar Forest
    - Nheto Forest
    - Svalphinghas Forest
    - Taniel I Memorial District
    - Tevhrin Stalactite Cave Section 1
    - Tevhrin Stalactite Cave Section 2
    - Tevhrin Stalactite Cave Section 3
    - Tevhrin Stalactite Cave Section 4
    - Tevhrin Stalactite Cave Section 5
    - Timerys Temple


  • New Instanced Dungeons
    1) Castle Dungeon (Recommended Level: 290)
    - Located in the Svalphinghas Forest region.
    2) Former Fantasy Library : Sausys Room 9 (Recommended Level: 315)
    - Available after completing the main quest in the Zima Suecourt region.
    - Players can enter up to once per day (2 times per day for Token users).
  • EXP penalties according to monster-character level gaps have been changed as follows
    A) Character level > monster level
    - 5% EXP gain reduction per level if difference is 21 levels or more
    - No EXP gain if difference is 40 levels or more
    B) Character level < monster level
    - 5% EXP gain reduction per level if difference is 21 levels or more
    - 25% (out of total 100%) EXP gain if difference is 35 levels or more
  • Hunting penalties according to monster-character level gaps have been changed as follows
    Current rule:
    - Monsters' defense increases 5% for every 5 levels of difference
    - Monsters' defense increases 500 times if difference is 21 levels or more
    Changed to:
    - Character's attack decreases 2.3% for every 5 levels of difference
  • EXP gains have been adjusted in the following 26 maps
    Increased EXP:
    - Alembique Cave
    - Arcus Forest
    - City Wall District 8, Jeromel Park
    - Emmet Forest
    - Ghibulinas Forest
    - Jonael Memorial District
    - Kule Peak
    - Mollogheo Forest
    - Nheto Forest
    - Nobreer Forest
    - Phamer Forest
    - Pystis Forest
    - Svalphinghas Forest
    - Syla Forest
    - Taniel I Memorial District
    - Tevhrin Stalactite Cave Section 1
    - Tevhrin Stalactite Cave Section 2
    - Tevhrin Stalactite Cave Section 3
    - Tevhrin Stalactite Cave Section 4
    - Tevhrin Stalactite Cave Section 5
    - Yudejan Forest
    - Zima Suecourt
    Reduced EXP:
    - Lhadar Forest
    - Timerys Temple
    - Vedas Plateau
  • The following items can now be lost in new maps with 4 or more stars (★):
    - Blessed Gem of the Goddesses
    - Blessed Shards
    - Boss Monster Cards
    - Gems
    - Hammer of Dismantlement
    - Silver
    - Spell Rod
  • Earth Fragment drop quantities in Earth Tower Lolopanther Areas have been changed as follows:
    5F boss: 1 Earth Fragment
    10F boss: 2 Earth Fragments
    15F boss: 3 Earth Fragments
    20F boss: 4 Earth Fragments
  • The following quest boss monsters had their HP, attack, defense, magic defense stats and drop EXP reduced:
    - Kurumis from quest Sarma's Vain Dreams
    - Wild Carnivore from quest Great Success or Great Failure (3)
  • The following field boss monsters have had their HP stats increased:
    - Demon Lord Blut
    - Demon Lord Zaura
    - Demon Lord Nuaele
  • Regional Guild Battle Changes
    - Removed the previous season tab from the Ranking UI.
    - Decline button will no longer appear while matching is taking place.
    - Your guild will no longer be matched with the same guild twice in a row.
    - A minimum of 5 guild members online is required to participate in Guild Battles.
  • Other Changes - Content
    - New quests have been added to the following maps: Zima Suecourt, Alembique Cave and Mishekan Forest.
    - Special monsters have been added that appear in large numbers after your character has been hunting in a field for a certain amount of time.
    - Falconers can now perform skills while mounting a companion (except Hanging Shot).
    - The Alchemist Master will now sell A Certain Alchemic Record (I). The record was penned by the master himself to educate future learners.
    - After cancelling a guild war, you will no longer be able to declare war against the same guild for 7 days.
    - The minimum number of participants allowed in guild boss raids is now 1.
    - Monsters defeated while a quest is in progress will now count towards the Adventure Journal. However, monsters that are part of the current quest will continue to not count.
    - The 'Collapsed Residential Quarters' mission has been changed into an instanced dungeon.


  • New Companion Functions
    1) Auto attack ON/OFF
    - The companion will automatically attack monsters when set to ON.
    - With the function turned OFF, the companion will not attack. Hunter and Falconer companions, however, will attack even when the function is set to OFF.
    - Auto attack can be set ON/OFF in the Companion menu (F9), or by typing 'cpattack on/off' in the chat window.
    2) Calling your companion
    - Enter '/comeon' in the chat window to make your companion move to your character's current location.
  • New Shout Chat Functions
    - Right-click the shout chat bar on the top of the screen to access the new functions.
    - The following actions will be available from the top shout chat: whisper, party invite, guild invite, friend request, block and bot report.
  • Other Changes
    - You will now be able to repurchase items sold to NPC shops. To repurchase a sold item, right-click it, then click 'Re-buy'.
    - A region search function has been added to the world map interface (N).
    - Upon failing a mission, you will now see a warning message appear.
    - Guild info window UI has been improved, with the inclusion of the One Line Message Board.
    - New categories have been added to the inventory: 'Recipes', 'Cards' and 'Cubes'.
    - Companion food items can now be discarded.
    - EXP gain buffs currently applied to your character will now be displayed in the Character Information window (F1).
    - Channel numbers have been readjusted in some regions.
    - Dropped items will now glow with a pillar of light when they are ready to be picked up for better visibility (inspired by addon creator Mie's addon).
Source : https://treeofsavior.com/news/?n=677

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